Norman Buckley
"A man is a method, a progressive arrangement; a selecting principle, gathering his like to him; wherever he goes." --Ralph Waldo Emerson
Norman Buckley


With @BrettDier on #JaneTheVirgin, reminiscing about the mystery that was #Ravenswood. (at El Segundo, California)

Shooting day 4 of #JaneTheVirgin. (at El Segundo, California)

My aim in painting is always, using nature as the medium, to try and project upon canvas my most immediate reaction to the subject as it appears when I like it most. —Edward Hopper, quoted in Hobbs, Edward Hopper, 1987 (via americanartmuseum)


Two Friends - Andre Lhote


Who of us doesn’t at some point live in a French dream world?

I do not understand why Autumn Reeser doesn’t have her own TV show.

As is evident in this photo, the right hemisphere of my brain is working extraordinarily hard.

Our wakefulness fetters our spirits,
Then our souls are a prey to divers whims,
Thoughts of loss and gain and fears of misery.
They retain not purity, nor dignity, nor lustre,
Nor aspiration to soar heavenwards.
That one is really sleeping who hankers after each whim
And holds parley with each fancy. —Rumi (via itsquoted)


Mildred Pierce (1945)

How I feel with the shippers and spammers.

Mildred Pierce
Dir. Michael Curtiz | DP: Ernest Haller | 1945

Here are eight frames which demonstrate why MILDRED PIERCE remains one of my favorite films.

Me and my AD Leo Zisman on #JaneTheVirgin. (at Manhattan Beach Studios)


We’re exploring Santa Fe, the oldest capital city in the U.S.



An analysis of the GIF, the Internet’s most divisive image-file format: “Created in 1987 by the digital communications company CompuServe, the GIF was originally designed for speedy transfer across pre–World Wide Web Internet networks … GIFs are chiefly agents of pleasure within a sensibility…

Men are all alike.


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